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Reserves Continuous Attitude Survey

The annual Reserves Continuous Attitude Survey is designed to assess and monitor the attitudes of Regular Reserve and Volunteer Reserve Personnel across a range of key policy and management areas. The results of the tri-Service survey provide robust evidence to inform personnel policy decisions, ensuring that the views of reserve personnel throughout the individual Services are taken into account.

Speaking on the RAF results, Air Marshal Andy Turner, AMP&C said:

“I would like to personally thank all of you who took the time to respond to this year’s ResCAS.  I cannot overstate how important your responses are, how much they inform policy choices and development and how critical this body of evidence is to making changes, especially those needing investment. In addition to the normal value, this year’s has of course has also been pivotal in driving the reserve ambition of Astra and the development of the Reserve Forces 30 ambition.

“…I commend these findings to all members of the RAF, both Regular and Reserve and I encourage you all to proactively consider what more can be done to address the issues identified in this feedback at every level within our organisation.” 

The full results are at this link.

The RAF Internal Briefing note is at this link (internal users only).

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