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SERVE - Opportunities for Reserves and Rejoiners

The Ministry of Defence has launched SERVE (Service for Experienced, Rejoiner & Volunteer Engagements), a new free digital service that introduces an easy way to discover opportunities in the Armed Forces and to stay connected with Defence.

SERVE advertises Reserve, Rejoiner and wider opportunities across all three Services, including joint organisations, in one place. It is available on and off MODNET, through any internet-connected device such as a mobile, desktop or tablet.

Minister for Defence People and Veterans, Johnny Mercer, said:

'I'm delighted that Defence is providing Reservists and those wishing to re-join with a modern way to seek out opportunities in the Armed Forces. Using the power of digital technology, we're making it easier for our Service personnel and veterans, while helping to increase the adaptability and sustainability of the military workforce.'

Users can explore opportunities across the full range of Reserve commitment types, from Full Time Reserve Service and Additional Duties Commitment, to short-term tasks; along with Rejoiner opportunities. Searches can be refined by Service, location, branch/cap badge, rank, engagement type or length, specialism, or any combination of these. Once registered, users can set up notifications, so they receive email alerts when new, relevant, opportunities are posted.

SERVE's information panels will cover a range of subjects from Defence announcements, recruitment campaigns for trade skills and advice during national emergencies, through to signposts to tools and support on other websites, such as Veterans' Gateway and Discover my Benefits.

The MOD has created SERVE to:

  • help Defence maximise its use of talent by connecting people with relevant opportunities and helping recruiting managers find the best person for a role
  • give Reservists what they've asked for. 54% of The Reserves Continuous Attitude Survey (ResCAS) 2019 respondents were interested in increasing their current level of Reserve commitment and 84% said they would like to be notified of opportunities to serve over and above Reserve Service Days
  • modernise Reservists' experience of finding a role using technology, to bring it more in line with today's expectations
  • give Service leavers and Veterans a new, easy way to stay connected with Defence

The new digital service will operate in parallel with the single Services' existing Reserve and Rejoiner vacancy tools and websites.

If you want to discover opportunities in the Armed Forces and stay connected, visit SERVE at www.findforcesjobs.mod.gov.uk/, register, and start receiving alerts.

If you, your friends or your family are interested in becoming a Reservist and want to know more about the support and benefits you could receive as a Service person, visit Discover My Benefits a free, easy-to-use tool.?

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