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Raytheon Technologies Quadcopter Challenge winners

Congratulations to this year’s Raytheon Technologies Quadcopter Challenge winners St Louis Grammar School who travelled all the way from Kilkeel, Northern Ireland to RAF College Cranwell to take home this year’s title.

The team were challenged to not only design and build a Quadcopter from sustainable resources, but also demonstrate how they can be used to combat serious environmental issues that the world faces today.

Image shows a school student flying a quadcopter model with LED lights and cactus tree obstacles.
During the competition, the students not only had to build the quadcopter model, but successfully fly them too.

The competition is designed to encourage students to take up Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects. This will hopefully develop skills that are transferable to life and towards careers in the future.

It saw students pitch their ideas, prepare models and eventually test fly them nationwide for the coveted title over the months, before the exciting final.

Image shows a school student holding a quadcopter model.

Students were tasked to consider the environment as they designed and built their quadcopters; from the materials they incorporated to the machine’s planet-saving purpose.

The quadcopter challenge has grown since it began seven years ago, with over 92 teams of over 500 students from 41 schools and Air Cadet groups taking part.

Image shows a quadcopter model with LED lights and smoke.
A quadcopter model made for the competition.

The challenge is led by the efforts of Raytheon UK and support of Collins Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney, two of the four businesses comprising Raytheon Technologies.

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Image shows RAF pilots, civilians and school students with one holding a spitfire model award.
St Louis Grammar School students claimed the title of the competition.