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Air Clues issue 35

Pilot maintaining aircraft amid sunset.

The latest edition of Air Clues is out now. 

The Air Safety Centre based at RAF High Wycombe is a safety organisation which delivers effective Total Safety Management and leads on intelligent application of critical thinking.  They provide independent assurance of the RAF Safety Management System underpinning the Chief of Air Staffs commitment to Total Safety in order to maximise the delivery of RAF capability. 

Air Safety Centre logo and building.

Air Clues Issue 35 opens with a huge congratulations to all those who were awarded at the first RAF Air Command Environmental awards, before tuning in to radio frequency interference with an article about Civil Insights from the UK Flight Safety Committee. 

Chill your blood reading about what Warrant Office Phillips learned when he reached his limits, or when Flight Lieutenant Mobbs learned from flying That Flat Cockpit Experience Gradient.  Then, explore the serious side of Heat illness, and the risks of dehydration in aviation with Sky High and Dry.

Maintenance of aircraft propellers and personnel with sunset.

Prefer bikes?  Then ride safely with the launch of Bike Safe Workshops and ensure you brighten your eyes to Be Seen Be Safer.

Read about Carrier Strike Group 21 Joint Threat Emitters and Wire Strikes.  Hear the unsung saviours of the air in What, Who, Why and Future of Aeronautical Information, or catch up with Your Aeronautical Information Team. 

Do you know your Helmet Mounted Displays and what the Principal Reporting Systems?  All of this and more to read in Issue 35 of Air Clues Safety Magazine.

Personnel using a helmet mounted display equipment.

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