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Air Clues issue 36

Air Clues magazine cover with Atlas carrier aircraft.

The latest edition of Air Clues is out now. 

The Air Safety Centre based at RAF High Wycombe is a safety organisation which delivers effective Total Safety Management and leads on intelligent application of critical thinking.  They provide independent assurance of the RAF Safety Management System underpinning the Chief of Air Staffs commitment to Total Safety in order to maximise the delivery of RAF capability. 

Air Safety Centre logo and building.

Issue 36 of Air Clues is packed with useful and interesting articles in the field of Safety.  Following on from Issue 35’s advice on ‘heat injury’, there is a comprehensive article providing advice on ‘cold injury’ with particular pointers for commanders of troops exposed to cold extremes.

If you are interested in the development of airspace control, there is an article all about Performance Based Navigation by the people in the Defence Air Traffic Division. 

The magazine has also started a new initiative of providing a centrefold pull-out poster, this time of a Lightning II to stick on the wall.  And, with the advent of 5G communications for the mobile phone network, the MAA looks at the RF-interference possibilities for military and civil aviation.  That’s just a few of the articles available in this issue.

Read Issue 36 of Air Clues Safety Magazine here!

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