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InsideAIR Episode 13 - Remotely Piloted Air Systems

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InsideAIR Episode 13 -  Remotely Piloted Air Systems is out now.

We are all familiar with the concept of drones but how much do you know about the RAFs Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems?

Protector RG Mk, a Remotely Piloted Air System flying.
The cutting-edge Protector RG Mk can be flown anywhere in the world while operated by personnel located in their home base at RAF Waddington, and is due to enter service by mid-2024.

This episode of InsideAIR explores life as an operator of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, as Flight Lieutenant Chris Sully goes behind the scenes with 13 Squadron at RAF Waddington and one of the RAF’s most agile, capable and sustainable platforms.  Protector RG Mk, a Remotely Piloted Air System on the ground..

Uncover what a day in the life of a Remotely Piloted Air System pilot is like and how the career offers a great work/life balance; and learn what it takes to control an aerial vehicle from the ground and whether it feels different from traditional flying. 

"This is the most operationally focused and relevant part of arguably the whole Royal Air Force; looking at the customers we work for, the operations we are engaged in and the persistent high level operations that we are doing no one else is at the tip of the spear like we are and I think that constant involvement in the most important operations this country undertakes from the air is probably the best thing about this job."

Flight  Lieutenant Ian

"It's rewarding because you go home and it's not like you've just turned up to train but you've actually had an impact."

Squadron Leader Shaun

You can listen to more episodes of the InsideAIR podcast on the RAF Website or from the official RAF Youtube channel.

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