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Military Working Dog Trials 2021

RAF Police brushes Working dog.

Twelve members of the RAF Police and their Military Working Dogs competed to be crowned champion and ‘Best in Trade,’ at the RAF Police 2021 UK Military Working Dog Trials.

RAF Military Working Dogs play a vital role supporting RAF Police Handlers to protect people and fight crime.  Equipped with their sensory superpowers, the Dogs are a strength unrivalled by the most advanced modern technology.

RAF Police walks dog around coaches and emergency personnel and vehicles.

Before being paired with RAF Police Dog Handlers our Military Working Dogs are trained by the Canine Training Squadron at the Defence Animal Training Regiment in Melton Mowbray.  Once the dogs arrive at their Units the hard work begins.  RAF Police Dog Handlers will immediately try to build a bond with their dogs through training and play time – trained to perfection with kindness is their motto!

RAF Police walks dog in field.

The Military Working Dog Trials represent the core values shared between the Handlers and their Dog companions, while inspiring the current and future generations of the RAF to develop their skills in the pursuit of excellence.

Dog runs on Obstacle course ramp.

Competitors travelled from RAF Brize NortonRAF BensonRAF ConingsbyRAF LossiemouthRAF MarhamRAF Northolt and RAF Waddington to the Trials hosted by RAF Honington.  

Dog on balance beam.

The teams’ skills were tested on a range of skills, including Agility and Obedience, threat perception during day and night patrols, ability to track and trace intruders through wind scent capabilities, bite work, and arena work.

Below are the competitor duos:

RAF Police Handler and dog, Hercules aircraft in background.
RAF Brize Norton - Corporal Bearcroft with 4-year-old Belgium Malinois, Luna.
RAF Police Handler and dog at night.
RAF Coningsby – Corporal Bonser with 6-year-old Belgium Malinois X Dutch Herder, Gala.
RAF Police Handler and dog walk by building.
RAF Lossiemouth - Corporal Connolly with 2-year-old German Shephard, Sagan.
RAF Police Handler and dog walk by metal fence.
RAF Lossiemouth - Corporal Smythe with 6-year-old German Shephard, Gina.
RAF Police Handler and dog with Hercules aircraft in background.
RAF Brize Norton - Corporal Carrington-Bent with 5-year-old Dutch Herder, Ruby.
RAF Police Handler and dog.
RAF Marham - Corporal Mundy with 3-year-old Belgium Malinois, Nina.
RAF Police Handler and dog with emergency Police car in background.
RAF Benson - Corporal Downing with 4-year-old German Shepard, Bowie.
RAF Police Handler and dog.
RAF Brize Norton - Corporal Taylor with 3-year-old Belgium Malinois, Awlix. 
RAF Police Handler and dog with aircraft in background.
RAF Marham - Corporal Woods with 2-year-old Belgium Malinois, Sepp.
RAF Police Handler and dog.
RAF Northolt - Corporal Webb with 4-year-old Belgium Malinois, DJ.
RAF Police Handler and dog.
RAF Waddington - Corporal Reynolds with 3-year-old Belgium Malinois, Cheyenne.
RAF Police Handler and dog.
RAF Waddington - Corporal Bruce with 8-year-old Belgium Malinois, Duc.

These twelve competitors will be whittled down to five for the final day when their skills will be tested in front of VIP guest Lady Kemball, Air Officer Commanding Number 2 Group, and the Provost Marshal (RAF).

Dog jumps over obstacle course steps.

The winners have now been announced on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, or read the article here. 

Dog jumps through Obstacle course ring.

Additionally, the RAF Benevolent Fund have sponsored a unique Typhoon dog bowl – the ‘McConnel Cup’ – to be awarded to the Dog Obedience and Agility Champion.

RAF Police stand with dogs outside marquee.

InsideAIR also sniffed out the secrets to Military Working Dogs super senses with several Handlers.

Dog leaps out of RAF Police emergency vehicle.

Meet the twelve competing RAF Police Handlers and their dogs below. 

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