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New Year Honours List 2022

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New Year Honours List 2022 - Military Division

Promotions in and appointments to the Military Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath

As Knight Commander

Air Marshal G. M. D. Mayhew CBE

As Companion

Air Vice-Marshal C. S. Walton

Promotions in and appointments to the Military Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

As Dame Commander

Air Marshal S. C. Gray CB OBE

As Commanders

Group Captain J. B. Crawford OBE

Group Captain G. P. Hellard

As Officers

Group Captain N. C. J. Brittain

Group Captain W. E. Dole

Group Captain S. Gee

Group Captain R. D. Grimshaw

Wing Commander D. F. O. Holland

Wing Commander (now Group Captain) S. C. Moorehead

Wing Commander P. L. Morrell

As Members

Squadron Leader M. Discombe AFC

Squadron Leader (now Wing Commander) N. Foster

Squadron Leader A. Hemlin

Squadron Leader K. A. Lee

Squadron Leader T. M. Rowlands

Flight Lieutenant S. M. Hewer

Flight Lieutenant J. P. O’Rourke

Master Aircrew J. Fowler

Warrant Officer 2 M. R. Price British Army

Chief Technician L. O. Betts

Sergeant (now Flight Sergeant) C. Barker

Corporal C. S. Rimmer

Senior Aircraftman S. C. Brownlee

As a Member of the Royal Red Cross, First Class

Group Captain F. M. Bradley

As an Ordinary Associate of the Royal Red Cross, Second Class

Squadron Leader S. L. McBain

Squadron Leader E. F. Paxman

Squadron Leader C. J. Wells

Flight Sergeant H. A. Chambers

Sergeant V. L. Van Der Wel

New Year Honours List 2022 - Civilian Division

Promotions in and appointments to the Civilian Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

As Members

Mrs M. P. L. Bailey

Mr P. Dawe

British Empire Medal 

Mr D. E. J. Warren

Meritorious Service Medal

Warrant Officer P. Bass

Warrant Officer P. Bath

Warrant Officer M. Chapman

Warrant Officer A. L. Creeth

Warrant Officer A. J. Culley

Warrant Officer M. R. Fraser

Warrant Officer L. B. Gascoigne-Harding

Warrant Officer A. Grant

Master Aircrew P. Granycome

Warrant Officer J. E. Johnson

Warrant Officer T. L. Kenworthy

Master Aircrew A. C. Lyes

Warrant Officer L. A. Mogford-Banks

Warrant Officer C. D. Proctor

Warrant Officer S. Y. Sibley

Master Aircrew I. M. Strawson

Warrant Officer A. Talbot

Warrant Officer J. G. Wilding

Warrant Officer 2 N. A. Baber-Hall British Army

Flight Sergeant (now Acting Warrant Officer) R. E. Davies

Flight Sergeant (now Acting Warrant Officer) C. M. Davison

Flight Sergeant (now Warrant Officer) G. J. Elliott

Flight Sergeant M. Clifford

Flight Sergeant W. J. Conabeare

Flight Sergeant R. M. Thomas

Flight Sergeant G. P. Trainor

Flight Sergeant D. Wilkinson

Sergeant A. R. Quinlan

Chief of the Air Staff Commendations

Squadron Leader (now Wing Commander) T. W. Robbins

Squadron Leader N. J. Castle

Squadron Leader R. Peppiatt

Squadron Leader R. A. Perry

Squadron Leader V. Woodhead

Flight Lieutenant M. C. Clarke

Flight Lieutenant S. S. Todd

Warrant Officer M. Firth

Flight Sergeant (now Acting Warrant Officer) L. Potter

Flight Sergeant N. F. Southey

Senior Aircraftman (Technician) (now Acting Corporal) N. T. C. Jones

Mr G. P. Cheshire

Deputy Commander Capability and Air Member for Personnel and Capability Commendations

Squadron Leader K. G. Hughesman

Warrant Officer A. L. Semmence

Team Commendations

  • SkyGuardian To the UK 2021
  • Defence and Security Equipment International Delivery Team
  • Programme HYDRA Team

Deputy Commander Operations and Air Member for Operations Commendations

Lieutenant Colonel K. Hussey US Space Force

Lieutenant Colonel A. Mellman US Marine Corps

Lieutenant Commander D. P. Breward Royal Navy

Squadron Leader (now Wing Commander) M. P. Clarkson

Squadron Leader G. F. Cowen

Squadron Leader T. W. Forster

Lieutenant Commander I. J. E. Houlston Royal Navy

Squadron Leader E. R. S. Jones

Squadron Leader A. W. Robson

Lieutenant Commander L. Sanders Royal Navy

Squadron Leader M. Williams

Flight Lieutenant K. M. Davies

Flight Lieutenant C. J. Newnham

Flight Lieutenant J. K. O’Doherty

Flight Lieutenant K. E. Wright Royal Australian Air Force

Warrant Officer G. Dallamore

Sergeant D. C. Clarke

Sergeant R. Williams

Corporal T. A. Sharp

Team Commendations

  • Number 71 (Inspection & Repair) Squadron Non-destructive Testing Technical Support
  • Royal Air Force Lossiemouth – Operation Monoptic Logistics Support Team
  • RAF St Mawgan G7 Summit - Operation Trelawny
  • 651 Squadron Aircraft Maintenance Platoon
  • 5001 Squadron Expeditionary Airfield Facilities Flight

Air Officer Commanding Number 1 Group Commendations

Squadron Leader (now Wing Commander) A. N. Watson

Squadron Leader S. P. J. Allen

Squadron Leader D. W. Godwin

Squadron Leader J. M. Porteous

Squadron Leader L. F. Rimmer

Squadron Leader P. J. Smith

Squadron Leader C. C. Thomas

Lieutenant Commander J. Wylie Royal Navy

Lieutenant J. E. W. Balcam Royal Navy

Flight Lieutenant J. Clarke Royal Australian Air Force

Flying Officer A. E. Magee

Warrant Officer K. Mathison

Warrant Officer R. O. Sanders

Flight Sergeant (now Acting Warrant Officer) S. A. Gates

Flight Sergeant N. A. Batey

Flight Sergeant P. S. Elderkin

Flight Sergeant B. George

Flight Sergeant E. Harrison-Beckett

Flight Sergeant N. Nolan

Acting Flight Sergeant D. W. Gordon MBE

Chief Technician D. V. Graham

Chief Technician R. Heaney

Sergeant (now Chief Technician) A. S. Wheeler

Sergeant N. Hayton-Williams

Sergeant S. J. M. Rolfe

Petty Officer D. Temperton Royal Navy

Sergeant M. J. Scott BEM

Corporal L. J. Jefferies

Leading Hand K. D. Joseph Royal Navy

Corporal P. G. McKinlay

Corporal S. L. Purdy

Corporal O. J. Scullion

Corporal L. A. Whittaker

Senior Aircraftman N. C. Fuller

Senior Aircraftman J. D. Simpson

Mrs D. Bird

Mrs V. Bye

Mrs L-A. Kloed

Dr C. Millns

Team Commendations

  • Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Engineering Support Cell
  • Royal Air Force Coningsby Science Technology Engineering and Maths Committee
  • Royal Air Force Station Coningsby Lateral Flow Device Testing Team
  • Human Resources Executive Team, RAF Lossiemouth
  • Poseidon Line Squadron Scheduled Maintenance
  • Royal Air Force Lossiemouth Explosive Storage Area Team
  • Rivet Joint Flight, 54 Signals Unit
  • 14 Squadron Engineering Team
  • Number 17 Test & Evaluation Squadron Trial Churchill Fit 6 Team
  • Parachuting Launch Acceptability Region Trials Team

Air Officer Commanding Number 2 Group Commendations

Wing Commander I. K. Evans

Squadron Leader (now Wing Commander) M. E. Williamson

Squadron Leader B. J. Ervine

Squadron Leader J. R. McKay

Squadron Leader D. L. Ryllo

Flight Lieutenant S. F. Bethell

Flight Lieutenant F. M. Maybury

Flight Lieutenant M. S. Shoesmith

Warrant Officer R. W. Dean

Warrant Officer T. Isherwood

Flight Sergeant (now Acting Warrant Officer) C. J. Slator

Flight Sergeant P. D. Donaldson

Flight Sergeant P. R. Welsh

Sergeant (now Acting Flight Sergeant) S. R. Ball

Sergeant (now Acting Flight Sergeant) M. Bevan

Sergeant (now Acting Flight Sergeant) B. D. Key

Sergeant (now Flight Sergeant) S. K. Sparkes

Acting Chief Technician (now Sergeant) M. V. Matthias

Acting Chief Technician M. J. Tuach

Sergeant C. Baccino

Sergeant D. M. N. Bell

Sergeant P. M. J. Butterfield

Sergeant M. L. Coupar

Sergeant D. I. Kennedy

Sergeant D. J. Shead

Sergeant J. C. M. Taylor

Sergeant R. J. Taylor

Sergeant D. J. Wright

Corporal (now Acting Sergeant) S. J. Rodgers

Corporal (now Acting Sergeant) B. I. Sutherland

Corporal C. P. R. Gager

Corporal L. E. Hogarth

Corporal J. J. Holmes

Corporal R. A. Keightley

Corporal J. M. Leyland

Acting Corporal (now Lance Corporal) A. W. Fenn

Mr G. Dick

Mr D. Keyes

Mr D. G. Norman

Mrs S. Pollard

Team Commendations

  • 90 Signals Unit Human Resource Modernisation Application Development Team
  • 90 Signals Unit Operation Toral Detachment
  • Battlespace Management Standards & Evaluation (STANEVAL)
  • Battlespace Management Force ASACS ELS – CRC Engineering Flight
  • Air Mobility Operations Centre
  • Number 2 Group Air Mobility Force Dangerous Goods Training Team
  • RAF Brize Norton Information Exploitation Team
  • Civil Airhead Duties
  • Aviation Security Flight, Number 7 RAF Police and Security Squadron
  • 1 Air Mobility Wing’s Passenger Team

Air Officer Commanding Number 11 Group Commendations

Squadron Leader R. G. Causer

Squadron Leader T. Creasey

Flight Lieutenant H. P. A. Else

Corporal B. Parker

Air Officer Commanding Number 22 Group Commendations

Squadron Leader C. Sharp

Lieutenant Commander (now Commander) C. Sloan-Murphy Royal Navy

Squadron Leader M. R. Whitfield

Squadron Leader P. F. Wylde

Flight Lieutenant L. D. Bexon

Flight Lieutenant C. A. J. Coomber

Flight Lieutenant H. E. Clubb

Flight Lieutenant D. J. Goodman-Mathews

Lieutenant T. J. Griffin Royal Navy

Captain S. W. Mallison British Army

Flight Lieutenant L. N. Minnikin

Flight Lieutenant R. D. Scothern

Warrant Officer C. A. Blunden

Warrant Officer D. J. Iliffe

Warrant Officer A. P. Walters

Flight Sergeant M. J. Barrow

Flight Sergeant C. F. Gaffney

Flight Sergeant R. Gormley

Flight Sergeant W. P. Hobster

Flight Sergeant J. G. Stroud

Acting Flight Sergeant C. L. Sandells

Staff Sergeant C. Stanton British Army

Sergeant G. J. Downey

Corporal G. R. Williams

Ms A. Elvins

Miss N. Mayger

Mr P. McTeague

Mr R. Percy

Mrs A. Prince

Team Commendations

  • Project Occasio (Redesign of Headquarters Number 22 Group floorplate)
  • Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron Relocation Team
  • RAF Officer Training Academy Exercise Astra Edge Team
  • Number 45 Squadron Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Training Team
  • Multi-Engine Pilot Training Outsource Team
  • Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement Team
  • Number 4 School of Technical Training Vehicle Inspection Improvement Team
  • Royal Navy Air Engineering and Survival School LEARN Delivery Team
  • Aerospace Battle Management Training Squadron, Surveillance Training Flight
  • RAF Valley Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Squadron

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Plans) Commendations

Wing Commander D. K. Dawson

Mr S. Rafferty

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Strategy) Commendations

Corporal L. J. P. Thompson

Chief of the Staff (Capability) Commendations

Wing Commander P. F. English

Wing Commander R. J. Wilson

Flight Lieutenant (now Squadron Leader) H. G. Griffiths

Team Commendation

  • Air Capability Portfolio Office – Centre of Excellence

Chief of the Staff (Personnel) and Air Secretary Commendations

Sergeant K. A. Hitchens

Corporal J. Moran

Corporal C. Rankin

Miss D. Reid

Mrs P. Robinson-Lobbett

Team Commendation

  • RAF Recruiting and Selection – Support to Army Selection Test Trial

Chief of the Staff (Support) Commendations

Flight Lieutenant R. G. Carter

Flight Lieutenant G. P. Curtis

Flight Sergeant (now Acting Warrant Officer) W. Nicolson

Team Commendation

  • Armament and Survival Equipment Role Office

Chaplain-in-Chief (RAF) Commendation

Mr S. Rae

Commander United Kingdom Space Command Commendations

Squadron Leader M. Platt

Mr G. Lindoe

Air Director of Resources Commendations

Mrs N. Evans

Mrs M. Sage

Team Commendation

  • Air Resources and Plans

Vice Chief of Defence Staff Commendations

Group Captain R. S. Norris

Wing Commander T. I. Monk

Wing Commander S. C. Willis

Commander (now Squadron Leader) J. M. F. Worthington

Squadron Leader D. P. Smith

Commander UK Strategic Command Commendations

Squadron Leader A. M. Avery

Squadron Leader S. N. Kirk

Squadron Leader J. Marlowe

Flight Lieutenant M. Kinton

Flight Sergeant N. J. Dehavilan

Chief of the General Staff Commendations

Staff Sergeant (now Warrant Officer 2) D. R. Fothergill

Staff Sergeant L. Milne

Standing Joint Commander (UK) Commendations

Squadron Leader S. Jessup

Commander Joint Helicopter Command Commendations

Squadron Leader A. G. Parker

Flight Lieutenant R. F. Charles

Flying Officer C. A. Smith

Sergeant J. A. Bracewell

Sergeant C. J. M. Maisey

Sergeant S. P. Myers-Evans

Sergeant N. R. Pickup

Sergeant J. A. Weeks

Corporal S. M. Saunders

Corporal M. K. Wakefield

Acting Corporal D. Lee-Davis

Senior Aircraftman (now Acting Corporal) S. R. Sanderson

Senior Aircraftman Z. K. Hoursoglou

Ms W. Tomlinson

Team Commendations

  • Force Protection Training Flight – Base Support Wing, RAF Benson
  • Logistics (Suppliers) Junior Ranks – Mobility Support Section, RAF Odiham

Air Officer Commanding Number 22 Group Commendations - RAF Air Cadets

Squadron Leader J. J. Botting

Squadron Leader A. J. Jones

Squadron Leader R. K. Patel

Flight Lieutenant (now Squadron Leader) D. P. McGlynn

Warrant Officer C. Paton

Flight Sergeant E. Yucelt

Sergeant N. L. Anderson

Mrs S. Elson

Team Commendation

  • 645 VGS Aerospace Ground School Team