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RAF AIR Command Environmental Awards

Three Air Command Environmental Awards 2020.
The RAF have introduced the annual Air Command Environmental Awards to recognise the inspirational efforts of personnel delivering projects in the field of environmental protection and sustainability.

The RAF embraces every opportunity to promote positive outcomes for the environment.  

Despite the challenges of the last 12 months, our people have really pulled out the stops to deliver some exciting projects in the field of environmental protection and sustainability.

The RAF recently recognised these inspirational efforts through the first annual Air Command Environmental Awards, commissioned by Deputy Commander of Operations, Air Marshall Gerry Mayhew, and passionately coordinated by the RAF Safety Centre’s (CESO) Environmental Protection Team.

“I’m delighted to recognise the success of our people through the Air Command Environmental Awards. These accolades demonstrate our commitment to leading the way in the field of environmental protection & sustainability.”

Air Marshall Gerry Mayhew
RAF Deputy Commander of Operations

Environmental Champion Team Award

The eXperimental Innovation Hub (RAFX) at RAF Leeming were winners of the Environmental Champion Team Award, supported by their own Station Commander Blythe Crawford.

Station Commander Blythe Crawford holding his award in a plant conservation area at RAF Leeming.
RAF Leeming Station Commander Blythe Crawford led the eXperimental Innovation Hub (RAFX) furthering the RAF Astra Net Zero 2040 project with a range of technologies in renewable energy.

The team is exploiting a range of initiatives in conjunction with regional start-ups, universities & the Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) to trial a range of technologies in renewable energy, electric & hydrogen vehicles, carbon capture, food resilience process & digital representation modelling.

RAF Leeming is furthering the RAF Astra Net Zero 2040 project and is ideally located to harness a sustainable relationship with the natural environment in its work, as we seek to deliver resilient and sustainable operations for the future of Defence.

Energy Conservation Champion Individual Award

The Energy Conservation Champion Individual Award went to Mr Glenn Chatwood, Environment & Energy Manager HMS Sultan.

Mr Glenn Chatwood holding his award.
Mr Glenn Chatwood Glenn has significant energy and carbon savings at HMS Sultan with multiple energy management system solutions. 

Glenn has implemented multiple energy management system solutions across the site at HMS Sultan and regularly strives above and beyond to deliver significant cost, energy and carbon savings that not only reduce consumption, but also prolong the life of resources and equipment.  These resource savings have led to the reduction of carbon emissions there by approximately 800 tonnes over the past 5 years.

Glenn’s work is a masterpiece of achievement for operational efficiency and environmental protection, delivered by an inspirational and determined leader.

"I feel humble and honoured to receive this award. I have been in this post for the past 14 years after leaving the Royal Navy. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of being the Establishments Environment and Energy Manager. Whilst it is a busy role, it is really rewarding seeing the constant reduction in energy usage across the Site with the various Energy saving projects that have been and are still being implemented. Energy Conservation not only reduces cost but also has a big impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions."

Mr Glenn Chatwood
Environment & Energy Manager  HMS Sultan

Environmental Champion Individual Award

Warrant Officer Graham Spark at RAF Marham was winner of the Environmental Champion Individual Award.

Warrant Officer Graham Spark standing in-front of a F35 Lightning aircraft..
Warrant Officer Graham Spark helps to upgrade F35 Lightning aircraft at RAF Marham, as well as developing a wildlife haven, outdoor community area, campfire area and nature trails.

In 2014 RAF Marham began the process of upgrading the Station for the introduction of the F35 Lightning aircraft.  Demolition and construction provided an opportunity to develop a wildlife haven, allowing any animals or reptiles found during the work to be re-homed in a suitable location.  A pond was built in a disused piece of woodland away from the airfield, called Ladywood; with Warrant Officer Graham Spark dedicating his own time as custodian of the area. 

He has since procured trees from the woodland trust and proved instrumental in the Station’s adopt a tree scheme, to raise funding to improve other areas of the woodland.  Graham and a team of volunteers have planted over 800 native British saplings, all at nil cost, and constructed an outdoor community area, campfire area and nature trails now regularly used by the local community and scout groups; a true haven for enjoying the outdoors, promoting mental health wellbeing and harnessing the Station's relationship with local nature.

Nature trail at RAF Marham with a rainbow in the background.
RAF Marham have created nature trails used by the local community and scout groups to conserve the environment and wildlife, as well as promote mental health wellbeing.

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