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RAF joins Romania Land Forces Day Parade in Bucharest

Personnel in parade.

Senior RAF Officers currently deployed in Romania, have attended the annual Romanian Land Forces Day ceremony in Bucharest.

The ceremony took place at the Land Forces Headquarters in Bucharest, with invitations extended to NATO partners, including the UK and US detachments based at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in southeastern Romania.

Personnel in parade.

140 Expeditionary Air Wing is currently conducting NATO enhanced Air Policing in the region and was represented by Wing Commander Dutch Holland, Officer Commanding 140 Expeditionary Air Wing, and Wing Commander Frankie Buchler, Officer Commanding 3 (Fighter) Squadron.

Personnel in parade.

The ceremony was attended by the Romanian Chief of Defence, General Daniel Petrescu, and the Land Forces Commander, Major General Iulian Berdila, who inspected troops and presented awards to soldiers as part of the ceremony.  Also in attendance were senior representatives from all three services of the Romanian Armed Forces.

Personnel salute in parade.

140 Expeditionary Air Wing is currently conducting a four-month deployment in Romania as part of NATO’s enhanced Air Policing and enhanced Vigilance Activities within the Black Sea Region.

Romanian personnel in parade.

"Romania is stronger than ever with NATO as the guarantor of their security. The General also took the opportunity to thank the Romanian Land Forces for the sacrifice they make to support their country and said: “On the occasion of the celebrations of Romanian Land Forces, I thank all war veterans, currently serving troops and those that have sacrificed their lives.

I congratulate you for the courage, professionalism and efforts you make and for the exemplary way in which you fulfil your missions for this country and keep in your soul the light of faith."

General Berdila

Personnel in parade.