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RAF Lossiemouth Poseidons arrive in Sicily for NATO Exercise DYNAMIC MANTA

Royal Air Force Poseidon jets from RAF Lossiemouth have arrived in Sicily to participate in a major NATO training exercise.

Operating from Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily, Exercise DYNAMIC MANTA will see CXX Squadron join aircraft and personnel from 9 allied nations for two weeks of anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare training.

Held yearly, the maritime exercise provides participants with a complex and challenging warfare environment to enhance their interoperability and proficiency in maritime patrol operations.

The high-end training and complex exercise environment offered by Dynamic Manta combined with the opportunity to share best practise with so many other partners and allies is invaluable. Our presence here also demonstrates the UK’s commitment to maritime security and deepening cooperation with our NATO allies.

Squadron Leader Birchall
Detachment Commander CXX Squadron

Submarines and surface ships will join with maritime patrol aircraft in the Central Mediterranean Sea to support the multi-threat environment during the exercise.  Each surface ship will take turns to carry-out a range of anti-submarine operations and the submarines themselves will have the opportunity to hunt and be hunted. CXX Squadron’s job will be to help locate the vessels below and above the surface by coordinating the search efforts.

With two crewed aircraft and engineering and communications staff providing specialist support, the deployment on Exercise DYNAMIC MANTA displays the Poseidon force’s ability to operate at home and abroad simultaneously, with operations ongoing in the North Atlantic from their home base at RAF Lossiemouth.

Deploying two Poseidon aircraft to Sicily for this major exercise, whilst still conducting training and flying from RAF Lossiemouth, is a great example of the progress being made as we work towards our full operating capability.

Squadron Leader Birchall
Detachment Commander CXX Squadron

Exercise DYNAMIC MANTRA is one of two major anti-submarine exercises held by NATO every year.

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