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RAF Participates In Norwegian Led NATO Exercise


Typhoons in air-to-air refuelling.

Royal Air Force F-35B Lightning fighter jets and Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft are participating in Exercise COLD RESPONSE.  This month-long exercise for land, sea and air forces trains over 30,000 troops from 27 nations to operate together in the largest cold weather exercise in Norway since the 1980s.

HMS Prince of Wales and naval vessels.

Held over vast swathes of Norwegian territory, including above the Arctic Circle, the bi-annual Norwegian-led winter exercise runs until 1st April 2022.  The Exercise aims to train allies and partners under challenging climatic conditions, enhancing the readiness and capabilities of the participating forces.

Typhoon in air-to-air refuelling.

During the exercise, Poseidon Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth and Lightning F-35s from RAF Marham will operate alongside NATO partners in some of the world's harshest environments.  The fighter jets will integrate with naval vessels and although not flying from HMS Prince of Wales, which is serving as the NATO Command Ship, they will train with the Carrier.

HMS Prince of Wales and naval vessels.

HMS Prince of Wales joined the Cold Response task force of 25 ships from 11 nations shortly after air defence exercises in the North Sea alongside four of the UK’s Lightning F-35B fighters from 617 Squadron 'The ‘Dambusters.'  The jets from RAF Marham took part in a simulated air battle, controlled by Royal Navy fighter controllers on the ship.

Typhoons in flight.

The Poseidon Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft will enhance the exercise with its extensive suite of sensors and Anti-Submarine capability.

Typhoon in flight.

Regular exercises allow NATO and partners to train together, identifying what works and what needs improving.  Exercises are defensive, proportionate and announced months in advance.  NATO allies respect the transparency obligations under the OSCE Vienna Document, which governs the rules for military exercises in the Euro-Atlantic area.