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RAF Poseidon MRA1 in Iceland

RAF Personnel and other stand before an Atlas A400M and a Poseidon MRA1 a

A detachment of RAF personnel were in Iceland with an Atlas A400M and a Poseidon MRA1 aircraft, as part of increased cooperation between the UK and Iceland.

After a training sortie in the Greenland, Iceland and UK Gap, the maritime patrol aircraft flew into Keflavik airbase.  During the visit Air Officer Commanding 1 Group, Air Vice-Marshal Allan Marshall, met with senior personnel from the Icelandic Government and the British Ambassador to discuss opportunities to enhance Poseidon MRA1 training and operations in the region.  NATO Ambassadors, from Poland and Norway also attended the visit to discuss the shared interests of NATO members in the region.

Atlas A400M and a Poseidon MRA1 on the runway.

As part of the programme, personnel from 19 Squadron, the UK's Control and Reporting Centre, had a tour of the Icelandic equivalent organisation.  As part of their air policing roles, the two teams discussed how to best share information to maximise the effectiveness of air policing.

"The visit provided an opportunity to strengthen cooperation between the UK and Iceland, in areas of mutual interest, whilst improving our understanding of how the Poseidon MRA1 can provide additional support to the Icelandic Coast Guard."

Dr Bryony Mathew
Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Iceland

The visit marked the first overseas land away for the UK Poseidon MRA1, which is an important asset to both the UK and NATO for strengthening maritime security.  The RAF’s visit to Iceland also provided an opportunity to make a significant step forward in the Agile Combat Employment (ACE) programme, which focuses on the development of self-sufficient, multi-skilled, capabilities that are both interoperable with Allies can be operated from multiple dispersed locations at short-notice.

RAF Personnel and other stand before an Atlas A400M and a Poseidon MRA1 a

"Agile Combat Employment provides the RAF with a major opportunity to develop its current approach to operations to enhance capabilities, resilience and agility.  The development of cross-functional teams, as part of the Agile Combat Employment concept, will require our people to become multi-skilled in areas outside of their primary role."

Air Vice-Marshal Allan Marshall
Air Officer Commanding 1 Group

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