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RAF Regiment conduct training in Scotland

The Queen’s Colour Squadron as 63 Squadron RAF Regiment has been honing their skills and drills by conducting fire team and section attacks during the day and at night. These are core skills for RAF Regiment Gunners and form the basis of our further training.

As a dual role Squadron, they pride themselves on the very highest of standards, both in the field and in their ceremonial role.

D Flt Sect Cdr, Cpl Mike McGarr said: “Following the Christmas leave period, it was a great opportunity to get back into the field and exercise our Force Protection skills and drills during an LFTT package at Barry Buddon. By deploying as an Sqn it gives Commanders at all levels the ability to lead in a realistic training environment.”

The Live Fire Tactical training saw Gunners conduct Section Battle Drills with live ammunition on static targets. Building up from a fireteam of 4 people up to a section of 8, firing during the day and night.

OpsO QCS, Flt Lt Gareth Fisher RAF said: Ex COLD EAGLE demonstrated the deployable nature of 63 Sqn RAF Regt and their ability to operate in the Force Protection environment. It’s always pleasing to see how swiftly the Gunners of 63 Sqn RAF Regt transition to their FP role and demonstrate the same degrees of professionalism and excellence in both capabilities. We now look forward to delivering ceremonial excellence on behalf of the Royal Air Force throughout 2020.

Stn Cdr Northolt, Gp Capt Nick Worrall ADC MA RAF said: “Exercise COLD EAGLE at Barry Buddon was a great opportunity for me to see the personnel of the dual role Queen’s Colour Squadron (No. 63 Squadron RAF Regiment) in a different light. As a lodger unit at RAF Northolt, it is easy to forget that the RAF Regiment Gunners not only feature front and centre in the ceremonial role but also provide essential skills in airfield defence and Force Protection that enable Air Operations at home and overseas”