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RAF returns 'Golf Ball' to he Northumberland Skyline

Radome at Remote radar head Birzlee Wood

The modernisation of an RAF radar site has seen the return of a radome, known locally as the Golf Ball, to the Northumberland skyline.

Remote Radar Head Brizlee Wood is situated nine miles west of RAF Boulmer on Alnwick Moor. Twelve months ago the radar and it’s large white radome was temporarily moved to allow upgrade work on the site. As part of a large-scale programme to upgrade all our Remote Radar sites, RRH Brizlee Wood was taken back to ground level and a new secure facility built to house the TPS-77 Radar and the Royal Air Force Engineers who support it.

The work was a real team effort, with the Royal Air Force leading a team of civilian architects, builders and engineers to deliver the project on time, despite the challenges presented by COVID. The new structures will now allow the site to resume its role of enabling the RAF to defend UK airspace.

"This upgrade has ensured that Brizlee Wood can continue as an integral component of the UK’s Air Defence system. While it was unusual to see the Alnwick skyline without the ‘Golf Ball’ for a few months, it was vital that we modernised to ensure the site remained fit for purpose for the Next Generation Air Force.  My Engineering and Logistics Wing and the Contractors involved in this project have done a fantastic job, in very difficult circumstances, to deliver the upgraded facility and I look forward to continuing our critical operational output from RRH Brizlee Wood for years to come."

Wing Commander Andy Main
Officer Commanding Battlespace Management Engineering and Logistics Wing

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