202 Squadron

Vital Search and Rescue training for the RAF and Royal Navy.

Badge for 202 Squadron

Be always vigilant

A mallard alighting - approved by King George VI in March 1937.


  • Stationed at RAF Valley on Anglesey supporting 1 Flying Training School
  • Operated as a search and rescue squadron for over 50 years.
  • Aircraft flown include the Sunderland, Catalina, Whirlwind HAR10 and Sea King HAR3
  • Providing mountain flying and maritime operations experience to Rotary Wing pilots


1914 - Formed at Eastchurch.

1939 - Flew anti-submarine flying-boat patrols from Gibraltar and Ireland.

1946 - Flew as a weather reconnaissance squadron.

1964 - Became a Search and Rescue unit flying Westland Whirlwinds.

2016 - Stood up as a training unit for the Royal Navy and RAF  helicopter crews.

Battle honours

Western Front 1916-1918*

Atlantic 1939-1945*

Mediterranean 1940-1943*

North Africa 1942-1943

Biscay 1942-1943*

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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