Air Movements Squadron

"Transgredientur Multi" or "Many Shall Pass Through" representative of the Squadron's importance in the movement of personnel across the globe.

An Eagle holds a chain in its claws, over a terrestrial globe.  Together, the eagle and globe symbolise the Squadrons' role in Air Movements enabling operations and transport across the world; the chain is representative of the restraint used to secure cargo on transport aircraft.


Air Movements Squadron falls under 1 Air Mobility Wing of the Support Force.  It enables the Air Mobility Force to operate and deliver the Defence Gateway to Operations, while providing the functional air movements capability for all Number 2 Group Air Transport and air-to-air refuelling - whether it be visiting military or civilian aircraft.  The Air Movements Squadron is also responsible for processing all passengers and freight through the UK Defence Airport of Embarkation. 

The Squadron operates all day, everyday, all year round.  It comprises of four shifts with separate Cargo (Exports and Imports) and Passenger Plans sections; all are made up of a mixtures of Trade Group 18 Logistics (Movements) personnel, each led by a Junior Officer from the Logistics Branch.


Air Movements Squadron is based at RAF Brize Norton.