Badge for XXV (F) Squadron

Feriens Tego – Striking I defend.

On a gauntlet a hawk rising affrontée.
Approved by HRH King Edward VIII in October 1936.
Developed from an early unofficial badge which had been devised when the unit was based at Hawkinge.


  • Advanced Fast Jet Flying Training Squadron – reformed at RAF Valley on 8th September 2018.
  • Forms part of the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) joint enterprise as well as Number 4 Flying Training School (4 FTS).
  • Trainee pilots arrive from the Tucano at RAF Linton-on-Ouse, which will become the Texan T Mk 1 at RAF Valley in October 2019.
  • Pilots graduating XXV(F) Squadron will continue their Tactical and Weapons Training with IV(AC) Squadron, RAF Valley, before progressing to Front Line aircraft type


  • Formed from Number 6 Reserve Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, on 25 Sep 1915 at Montrose.
  • Conducted fighter reconnaissance missions over the Western Front, equipped with FE2Bs and latterly DH4s.
  • Between the Wars the Squadron flew DH9s, Snipes, Grebes, Siskins, Furies, Demons and Gladiators before equipping with Blenheim Mk 1Fs in December 1938.
  • In August 1939, the Squadron received Blenheim Mk 4Fs and became the first Squadron to fly with an Air Intercept radar for developing radar technology and early radar intercept tactics. 
  • At the beginning of WWII the Squadron flew night-fighter missions from various bases in England, and these night tactics were called upon during the Battle of Britain; this capability became more important as Luftwaffe night bombing raids increased in their intensity.
  • The Squadron flew early jet-engine fighters such as Vampires, Meteors and Javelins, continuing to develop day and night fighter tactics, becoming the first squadron to receive air-to-air missiles.
  • XXV(F) Squadron re-equipped with the Bloodhound Surface-to-Air Missile system in October 1963 and protected various locations around the UK and in Germany until 1989.
  • The Squadron returned to manned flight in July 1989 with the introduction of the Tornado F3 at RAF Leeming.  This period saw operational deployments as part of the Combined Air Defence Force during Gulf War 1, then over the former Yugoslavia (Op DENY FLIGHT), and enforcing No-Fly-Zone (Op BOLTON (SOUTH) and Op RESINATE (SOUTH), in addition to Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) in the UK (Op ADANA), Baltic States (BALTIC AIR POLICING) and also the Falkland Islands (1435 Flight).
  • XXV(F) Squadron disbanded on 4th April 2008 until its reformation at RAF Valley on 8th September 2018.

Battle honours

Home Defence 1916

Western Front 1916 – 1918*

Somme 1916


Ypres 1917*

Cambrai 1917*

Somme 1918*


Hindenburg Line

Channel and North Sea 1939 – 1941

Battle of Britain 1940*

Fortress Europe 1943 – 1944*

Home Defence 1940 – 1945*

France and Germany 1944 – 1945*


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