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6 Squadron celebrates long-standing ties with the King of Jordan

6 Squadron of the Royal Air Force has today celebrated its long-standing ties with the King of Jordan, by marking the 70th anniversary of the Squadron being presented with a Royal Standard by His Majesty King Abdullah I on 15th October 1950. 

It was in recognition of the Squadron's services in the Middle East, dating from 1919, that officers were invited to the Royal Palace in Amman to receive a personal Royal Standard from King Abdullah I on 15 October 1950. 6 Squadron is unique in the RAF in having two Royal Standards, including the one presented by King Abdullah I, as well as a Flag of Friendship presented in 1995.

The link continues to this day, including recent combat operations in the region as part of Operation Shader, working alongside the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) to confront extremism. Although Covid-related restrictions forced a scaling down of the planned celebrations, the Squadron was determined to honour the anniversary. In addition, the current Officer Commanding of 6 Squadron RAF, Wing Commander Matt D’Aubyn, has sent a goodwill letter to 6 Squadron in the RJAF.

“I am delighted that the association between our two Squadrons and by extension, our respective air forces and nations, remains active as we both strive to contribute to peace and security and uphold common values. I sincerely hope that our lasting connections will endure and that 6 Squadron of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, continues to enjoy every success in its endeavours.”

As part of the commemorations, Lieutenant Colonel Osama M. Abuhani, Commander of 6 Squadron in the Royal Jordanian Air Force sent best wishes to Wing Commander Matt D’Aubyn, saying:

“We are also very proud of the friendship between our Squadrons, which aims to solidify the professional and personal bonds among service members. This relationship will also increase trust, enhance interoperability, and strengthen our alliance so that together, we can deploy, fight and win over any potential threat.”

Wing Commander Andy Mitchell, the Air and Naval Attaché in Amman said:

“This is part of a close relationship that reflects our determination to work together as allies and partners and a close relationship that has been proven in peace and operations over the last 70 years."

He added “I echo the message from my parent Service, the RAF, in sending my best wishes and gratitude to His Majesty King Abdullah II, the people of Jordan and the RJAF, to thank them for their hospitality and enduring friendship.”

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