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Team Lossie Reservist recognised for Meritorious Service

A Royal Air Force Reservist from 2622 (Highland) Squadron has been presented with an award for Meritorious Service by the Lord-Lieutenant of Moray, Major General The Hon Seymour Monro.

SAC Imlah is presented with his award by the Lord-Lieutenant of Moray, Major General Seymour Munro.
SAC Imlah is presented with his award by the Lord-Lieutenant of Moray, Major General Seymour Monro.

Senior Aircraftsman Edward Imlah, known as ‘Eddy’, has served with 2622 (Highland) Squadron for 27 years. He initially joined the RAF Reserves in the RAF Regiment, but re-traded to become a logistician.

Whilst in his civilian job at RAF Lossiemouth, he realised that 51 Squadron RAF Regiment were temporarily without their logistics specialist and that this could have resulted in significant delays to their deployment to Nigeria as part of a Short-Term Training Team. The RAF Regiment have been teaching their counterparts in the Nigerian Air Force Regiment how to defend their airfields, aircraft, and their people.

Small event held in 2622(H) Sqn to congratulate Eddy.
A small event was held in 2622 (Highland) Squadron's hangar to congratulate SAC 'Eddy' Imlah.

Eddy stepped in providing valuable expertise in ordering equipment, and over a number of weeks preparing all the freight for the Squadron’s air move to Nigeria. Thanks to his proactive attitude, the Squadron was able to deploy with the correct equipment and on schedule.

RAF Regiment with their Nigerian Air Force Regiment counterparts in 2019.

51 Squadron RAF Regiment have deployed to Nigeria on multiple occasions, training the Nigerian Air Force Regiment for their fight against insurgency in the north east of the country.

Reservist support to regular units is nothing new – personnel from 2622 (Highland) Squadron have recently been involved in the Government’s response against COVID-19, operating on two of the many Mobile Testing Units stood up around the United Kingdom.

SAC Edward 'Eddy' Imlah and his Meritorious Service certificate.

Lord-Lieutenant of Moray, Major General Seymour Monro said:

“SAC Imlah has been a real credit to himself, his Squadron, and the Royal Air Force. His dedication to 2622 (Highland) Squadron is clear from over 27 years of service, and I am proud to have presented him with the Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate of Meritorious Service.

“We should all remember that RAF Lossiemouth is a major element of Moray’s economy and this is particularly true during the current building and upgrade projects – due to be completed on time later this year.

“The wider RAF family contributes enormously to the local communities, with many employed as NHS staff, teaching our children in local schools, and in many other roles. They also make generous donations to local charities and regularly commit to raising money for good causes.

“Thank you to RAF Lossiemouth for all that you do for the UK and for Moray.”

51 Squadron RAF Regiment have deployed on a number of occasions to provide short-term training to the Nigerian Air Force Regiment. 

Officer Commanding 2622 (Highland) Squadron, Squadron Leader Chris Beckley said:

“Reservists bring a lot of life skills from their civilian employers that are immediately applicable in a military environment, and help them see solutions to our problems.

“Eddy’s unique perspective gave him an edge in this situation, and his performance was especially impressive considering he was doing the job of a Sergeant – two ranks higher his own.”

RAF Lossiemouth is undergoing a huge amount of change in preparation for the fleet of nine Poseidon MRA submarine hunters.

RAF Lossiemouth is busier than ever as it prepares for the arrival of its fleet of Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft, and associated upgrades to infrastructure. The investment in Moray is worth more than £400m, and includes a comprehensive runway resurfacing programme, purpose-built facilities for the new Poseidon fleet, new accommodation, and several other projects.

Once complete, the Moray base will be securing the skies with four front-line Typhoon FGR4 squadrons, securing the seas with two Poseidon squadrons, as well as continued deployments to a range of theatres overseas.

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