Defend the Right


The most recent purpose-built airfield in the RAF, Mount Pleasant was opened in 1985 to establish a fighter and transport presence in the Islands.

The RAF provides key elements of the forces that Headquarters British Forces South Atlantic Islands use to ensure the security of the Falklands, the South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia. Not only through the air bridge from RAF Brize Norton to Ascension Island and onwards to the Falkland Islands, but also through deterrence patrols across the immense area between the islands.

Currently based at Mount Pleasant are No 1435 Flight with 4 Typhoon FGR4, No 1312 Flight, with a single Voyager tanker and a Hercules C1 and No 1310 Flight operating the Chinook helicopter.

RAF personnel also support a wide range of roles on the ground; from radar operators to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team, who monitor and where necessary dispose of landmines left over from the conflict, and a Rapier detachment from the Royal Artillery.


Mount Pleasant FIQQ 1ZZ, Falkland Islands

Who's based here


  • 1985 - Opened by Prince Andrew
  • 2009 - 1435 Flight equipped with Typhoon FGR4