RAF Valley

Low flying

Complain about low flying

Complaints are dealt with according to where the complaint originates from.

RAF Valley handles enquiries that are raised by residents of Anglesey. 

Anglesey queries may be registered by telephone or in writing.

In writing, direct to Station Operations, Attention Flying Complaints, Royal Air Force, Valley, Holyhead, Anglesey, LL65 3NY

By telephone:

Phone: 01407 762241 x7824

If you would like to register a complaint from outside of Anglesey, even if you believe the aircraft is from RAF Valley, find details on GOV.UK.

Drone Flying

Operators flying drones near any military airfield must ensure they are aware of the UK policy for their safe operation. The Drone Code forms part of the Civil Aviation Authority's advice and guidance to drone operators which can be found on their website.

Night flying

Night flying training usually takes place from Monday to Thursday as and when required. 

Night flying can take place from 30 minutes after sunset to 2am.  

Viewing area

Safely watch aircraft at RAF Valley from the viewing area near the railway bridge, opposite the Station main gate.

Defence Aerodrome Manual

Aviators wishing to access the Defence Aerodrome Manual DAM are to contact Air Traffic Control on 01407 762241 x7461

Get updates about flying

Advance notice of unusual flying like night flying and flying activity that might disturb you if you live near the Station will be available on the RAF Valley Facebook page and Twitter account

We may not be able to give notice about some flying, for example military operations, for security reasons. 

Connect with RAF Valley

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