Northern Ireland Universities Air Squadron

RAF Volunteer Reserve unit for full-time undergraduate students from Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University. 

Crest for Northern Ireland Universities Air Squadron


NIUAS is the youngest of the 15 UAS’s, having been formed in November 2015, some 20 years after the Queen’s University Air Squadron was disbanded. We are still growing our staff and student numbers and once we get to a steady state, we anticipate recruiting around 25 students each year to achieve a full Sqn size of 60 students.  The current staff size will grow from 4 to 7, and will be further expanded by contractors to support the operational side of the Squadron. The Squadron operates fully from Aldergrove Flying Station, Crumlin, Co Antrim beside Belfast International Airport.


NIUAS will have recruiting and information stands at:

Ulster University:

24 September 18 - Magee

25 September 18 - Jordanstown

26 September 18 - Coleraine


27 September 18 - Queens University Belfast

There will be an information evening on Thursday 27 September in Belfast to allow students to find out about what the UAS offers and the selection process. Please come along to our stand and speak to staff and students to find out more. If you miss us at Freshers’, then please contact us via the Squadron phone numbers below to enquire about joining.

Weekly training

Weekly training days take place during term time at Aldergrove Flying Station on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. The training programme consists of a range of military training, military lectures, briefs, discussions, command tasks, force development activities, sports and physical training and adventurous training. 

Flying camps are organised at Aldergrove several times a year with aircraft visiting from around the UAS, until such times aircraft are permanently based here. Students also attend sports competitions and leadership and military training camps in Great Britain, and get the opportunity to travel abroad for staff rides and adventurous training.



2015 – Squadron stood up with 8 students and 2 staff, growing to 12 students by the end of the first year.

2016 – Official launch ahead of the first full recruiting period. Membership climbed to 25 by November 2016.

 2017 – Staff numbers increased to 4 and membership to nearly 30.

Contact details

NIUAS, Aldergrove Flying Station, Killead Road, Crumlin, Co Antrim BT29 4EL.

Phone: 02894 455242 or 455365 or 455362 

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