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InsideAIR 29: Top ten episodes

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Episode 29 celebrates its birthday with the top ten InsideAIR episodes. 

Typhoon with Union Jack paintwork flying over dover cliffs.

The RAF’s official podcast, InsideAIR, launched in January 2021.  It has explored a range of topics, personnel, experiences, and roles within the RAF, and now celebrates its one year anniversary with some memorable moments from the top ten episodes so far (based on number of downloads on release day).

Marching band in front of Atlas carrier.

If you have a topic to suggest InsideAIR explore in 2022, please submit a feedback form or comment. 

Typhoon on the runway.

Find out if your favourite episode made the top ten and listen to more on InsideAIR podcast.  Below are all the topics InsideAIR have covered so far! 

  • 01: On guard in space
  • 02: Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in C4ISR
  • 03: Spiritual resilience on Operations
  • 04: Evolution of fast jet ground attack
  • 05: Inside RAF Apprenticeships
  • 06: RAF in 2040 - fact from fiction
  • 07: Overcoming isolation with E-Sports
  • 08: COVID-19 testing duty with RAF Reserves
  • 09: 55 years of UKMAMS
  • 10: Living with a disability in uniform
  • 11: Law of armed conflict in space and cyber
  • 12: Exercise rehabilitation - injury recovery and Return to Fitness
  • 13: RPAS (not drones) and the humans behind the system
  • 14: RAF Reserves - reality and future
  • 15: Helicopter Pilot training and earning those wings
  • 16: Middle East Operations with 83 Expeditionary Air Group
  • 17: UK Military Flying Training System
  • 18: RAF elite and high performing athletes
  • 19: Enhanced Air Policing on Operation BILOXI
  • 20: Military Working Dogs
  • 21: En garde
  • 22: Gripping mobile tech with Appivate
  • 23: ASTRA Tech Exposure Day spotlight
  • 24: Goodbye to E-3D Sentry AWACS
  • 25: To the stars - social mobility and CAS fellowship
  • 26: Exercise MAGIC CARPET
  • 27: Operation FORTIS Carrier Strike Group returns
  • 28: Life as an RAF Musician