RAF Henlow

Henlow Airfield

Henlow is a large grass airfield with four runways. The airfield hosts a number of flying organisations including Henlow Flying Club and the RAF Flying Club Assiciation with the Henlow Aero Club service flying club. The British Model Flying Association and RAF Henlow Rough Shooting Club also use the airfield.

Visting Aircraft

Visiting aircraft are by PPR only. Download the form and return it to hlw-airfieldmanager@mod.uk.

Drone Flying

Operators flying drones near any military airfield must ensure they are aware of the UK policy for their safe operation. The Drone Code forms part of the Civil Aviation Authority's advice and guidance to drone operators which can be found on their website.

Defence Aerodrome Manual

The Defence Aerodrome Manual (DAM) contains accurate aerodrome data for RAF Henlow.  All airfield users, both military and civilian, are to ensure they are familiar with the relevant sections of the DAM prior to operating at RAF Henlow.

Flying Order Book

The RAF Henlow Flying Orders Book contains local airfield procedures for pilots operating in to or out of RAF Henlow airfield.

Connect with RAF Henlow

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