RAF Odiham

Low flying

RAF Odiham is home to several helicopter squadrons flying the Chinook. 


If you wish to make a complaint about low flying, please email ODI-BSW-Engagements@mod.gov.uk

If you wish to make a complaint by phone, contact the Low Flying Complaints Line (this is an Automated service):

Phone: 01256 367605

If the incident occurred more than 5 miles from RAF Odiham then all complaints should be directed to the Ministry of Defence Low Flying Complaints and Enquires team:

Email: SWK-lowflying@mod.gov.uk

Phone: 01780 417558

It is available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. Outside these hours an answerphone service is provided. 

Drone Flying

Operators flying drones near any military airfield must ensure they are aware of the UK policy for their safe operation. The Drone Code forms part of the Civil Aviation Authority's advice and guidance to drone operators which can be found on their website.


Night flying

Training at night is essential to ensure aircrew are proficient in the necessary skills and to exploit our technological edge.

The amount of night low flying remains proportional to the operational requirement.

Night flying can commence half an hour after dark falls and lasts until half an hour before dawn.

Viewing area

There is no official viewing area for the safe viewing of aircraft at RAF Odiham.


The Defence Aerodrome Manual (DAM) contains accurate aerodrome data for RAF Odiham. All airfield users, both military and civilian, are to ensure they are familiar with the relevant sections of the DAM prior to operating at RAF Odiham.  For further information regarding the DAM and its contents, please contact Station Operations on 01256 367254.

Annex E to the DAM is the RAF Odiham Aerodrome Operating Hazards Log.   This contains known hazards within the RAF Odiham aerodrome environment.  All airfield users, both military and civilian, are to ensure the are familiar with its contents prior to operating from the Aerodrome. 

Get updates about flying

RAF Odiham Flying Information for week commencing Saturday 12th October 2019

Please note:  Although every effort is made to promulgate accurate information, the forecast flying schedule is subject to short-notice changes owing to weather conditions, aircraft serviceability and other unforeseen factors, such as the requirements placed on RAF Odiham by Her Majesty's Government.

For more information regarding low flying activity, contact the RAF Odiham Engagements Officer:

Email: ODI-BSW-Engagements@mod.gov.uk


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