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Flight Lieutenant Matt Curry


My career highlight so far

Flying an aeroplane for the first time on my own is an unforgettable step in any pilot's career. Through training there will be plenty of other firsts, like the first time flying at night or the first time flying a helicopter, but the first solo flight gives you a confidence in your abilities which makes you think it lasts longer than just three minutes! On the ground, working in media during the RAF100 celebrations in 2018 meant I was able to show the country what the RAF means to me, and meant that I got to see parts of the RAF and meet people that I didn't think I would.

The best thing about my current role

I have a long training programme ahead of me, it's challenging and diverse. Each day brings new problems to solve, but I get to work alongside some amazing instructors and students all of whom are working towards the same thing. I love flying, and the more I immerse myself in it the better I will be, so it's a win-win.