LVII Squadron

Delivers elementary flying training under the UK Military Flying Training System.

I change my body, not my spirit.


  • 57 Sqn delivers elementary flying training which is the first stage of military flying training
    from RAF College Cranwell
  •  57 Sqn Instructors are a mixture of military and civilian pilots from a wide variety of
  • Trainees undertake a short common phase of flying and simulation where they are taught
    basic aircraft handling, pilot navigation, instrument and low flying
  • During this phase they complete their ‘first solo’ flight on Prefect - often their first flight ever
    on their own
  • Upon completion of the common phase of the course trainees are streamed to continue
    training as either Combat Air, Multi-engine or Rotary Wing pilots.
  • Those bound for Combat Air and Multi-engine complete further training on 57 Squadron, including formation and more advanced navigation. Students streamed for Rotary Wing progress directly to RAF Shawbury


1916 – 57 Sqn was originally formed at Copmanthorpe in Yorkshire as a flying training squadron
flying Avro 504s and B.E.2s, before moving to France in December of that year as a bomber unit. At
the time that 57 Squadron was sent to France, 57 Training Squadron was activated in Egypt and
operated until 1918, the two numbers running concurrently.

1919 - Returned to the UK and was disbanded.

1931 - Reactivated as a day bomber unit.

1943 - Supplied the majority of the crews to 617 Squadron (The Dambusters) which stood up at RAF
Scampton, where 57 was based.

1951 - Began operating the B-29 Superfortress bomber on loan from the USAF.

1982 - Supplied crews and aircraft to perform air to air refuelling supporting the long range Vulcan
raids during the Falklands War.

2008 - Reformed at RAF Wyton flying the Grob Tutor T1.

2018 - Converted to Prefect T1 at RAF Cranwell.

Battle honours

Western Front 1916–1918*


France & Low Countries 1939–1940*

Norway 1940*

Channel & North Sea 1940*

Ruhr 1941–1943*

Fortress Europe 1941–1944

Berlin 1941–1943*


 France & Germany 1944–1945*

South Atlantic 1982

(Honours marked with an asterisk, are emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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