Environmental Policy and Considerations

Each year, RAF Brize Norton carries approximately 132,000 passengers and 25134 metric tonnes of freight, during aircraft movements carried out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As the main Airport of Embarkation, the subsequent size and scale of operations has the potential to disturb people and as a result the Station continues to work very hard to ensure that the impact of our operations is minimised, particularly at night.

Our Policy

Our environmental policy commits us to:

  • Develop a noise management procedure to influence the operation of aircraft, with the aim of minimising, where possible, noise generation and the over-flying of populated areas.
  • Seek to minimise the impact of noise from all aspects of the operation of aircraft and the airbase.

The 25m Range

RAF Brize Norton is home to 5800 active Service Personnel, approximately a fifth of the regular Royal Air Force.

All serving personnel are part of the structure who provide the capability needed to ensure; the security and defence of the United Kingdom and its territories and to support the Government’s foreign policy objectives, particularly in promoting international peace and security.

In order to maintain a fit, qualified and capable workforce, there are mandated training packages that all personnel have to complete annually, including qualifying to fire small arms. To meet this commitment, the 25 metre range at RAF Brize Norton can have up to 25 people per day (week days) firing on it to qualify.

RAF Brize Norton has been working very hard to reduce the amount of times the range is utilised in order to ensure the impact of our training is minimised, particularly at night and over the weekends.

The 25 Metre Range will be in use as follows:

Please note that dates and times are subject to change, should we be required to use the range at short notice.

Week Commencing 16th May:

Mon: 0800-1700
Tue: Nil Notified
Wed: 0800-1700
Thu: 0800-1700
Fri: 0800-1700
Sat: 0800-1700
Sun: 0800-1700

Week Commencing 23rd May:

Mon: Nil Notified
Tue: 0800-1700
Wed: 0800-1700
Thu: 0800-1700
Fri: Nil Notified
Sat: 0800-1700
Sun: 0800-1700