60 Squadron

Part of the Defence Helicopter Flying School providing Rotary Wing training.

Badge for 60 Squadron

I strive through difficulties to the sky

A markhor's head - approved by King George VI in December 1937. Chosen to commemorate many years of service in North-West India, the markhor being a mountain goat frequenting the Khyber Pass. The horns of a markhor were presented to the Squadron in 1964.


  • Based at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire, and is part of the Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS)
  • Historically, the Squadron spent 72 years abroad from 1920 to 1992
  • Aircraft flown include the Hurricane II, Meteor NF14 and the Wessex
  • Teaching multi-crew and advanced flying techniques to Rotary Wing students since 1997


1916 - Formed at Gosport.

1929 - Col T E Lawrence, DSO was attached to the Squadron.

1959- Changed roles to a night fighter/ all weather interceptor squadron at RAF Tengah

1992 - Became a helicopter squadron at RAF Benson.

1997 - Became part of DHFS at RAF Shawbury.

Battle honours

Western Front 1916-1918*

Somme 1916*

Arras, Somme 1918

Hindenburg Line*

Waziristan 1920-1925

Mohmand 1927

North West Frontier 1930-1931

Mohmand 1933

North West Frontier 1925-1939

Burma 1914-1942*

Malaya 1941-1942*

Arakan 1942-1944

North Burma 1944

Manipur 1944*

Burma 1944-1945

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard).


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