The RAF Officer Training Academy (RAFOTA) delivers Phase 1 training and delivers a rang of courses, including:

  • Modularised Initial Officer Training Course (MIOTC)
  • Specialist Officer Initial Training (SOIT)
  • Reserve Officers Initial Training (ROIT)
  • Commissioned Warrant Officers’ Course (CWOC).
  • Acting Pilot Officers Course (APOC) - conducted annually with University Air Squadrons (UAS).

The MIOTC provides Commissioning Officers with the skills and knowledge necessary to set the foundations for a successful RAF career and continued professional development. This compliments with both the RAF Division of the Joint Service Command and Staff College at Shrivenham and the Air and Space Warfare School at RAF College Cranwell. Direct entrants undertake a 24 week course, while serving entrants a 18 week course; with up to 90 students per intake. Although, more work is underway to create other training courses for experienced aviators.

The MIOTC is the basis which allows the SOIT, ROIT and CWOC to provide  further knowledge and skills for students to achieve their training objectives.

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RAF Officer Training Academy is located at RAF College Cranwell.